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Following the decision of the 19.6.2013 the chairman of the Chamber of the German-Greek Industry and Commerce (CGGIC) implemented the applicable statute of the chamber and found the “Arbitration- and mediation Center (AMC) of the Chamber of German-Greek Industry and Commerce” to facilitate and support a speedy and effective alternative dispute resolution for national and international operating Companies.

Facing the need of an accelerating justice grant (Justizgewährung), the services of AMC for companies are of peculiar interest, because both, the Arbitration- and the Mediation Process, are flexible, quick, readily accessible and confidential processes in regards to civil- and commercial law-suits.

The new Arbitration- and Mediation Center addresses German-Greek companies, as well as members and respectively, non-members of the CGGIC, and also to any other company which likes to make use of the advantages from arbitration and mediation.